Feedity 1.6 Update

I’ve been thinking of internationalization (i18n) and language encoding issues with Feedity for a while, but couldn’t spare enough time to fix it for good. Some Feedity users reported content encoding problems with the generated web feeds for non-English web pages.

Althought Feedity was designed to support some level of Unicode compliance, but still it was not vastly flexible. Finally, I’ve rewritten the Remote Content Handler module of Feedity with much better support for foreign languages. The tricky part was to detect the original character set of the remote webpage (i.e. feed source). I resolved it by first checking the HTTP Response Header “content-type”, and if its invalid or not found, then falling back to the HTML “content-type” meta-tag. That’s the broader resolution, but it can be easily programmed in any language. I’ve successfully implemented it in ASP.NET (C#) for Feedity, and in PHP5 for another project.

If anyone still faces a problem with content encoding of the generated feeds on Feedity, then please contact our dev team.

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