How to Make a Choice Without Choosing?

We have so many choices these days, and so little time to make a choice. From the choice of the right breakfast cereal to the choice of the right health insurance, we are trapped in an endless spiral of everyday choices.

Last night, I watched a TEDGlobal talk by Sheena Iyengar, a Professor of Business at Columbia Business School, about her research on “choice”. Yes, choice, or choices – depending on how you interpret modern dilemmas. It’s a really insightful talk about the gullible nature of choices:

The [second] assumption which informs the American view of choice goes something

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We Lift On Three

At one of the company stand-ups I attended recently, the topic of discussion was ‘Good Communication’. As simple and ordinary it may sound, it did make me think about an interesting hypothesis.

Research tells us that only 7% of all communication is impacted by the content or the words used. The rest is all non-verbal — body language and tone. At the stand-up, we did a few basic exercises to highlight the basis of good communication, why we communicate (the way we do), with whom we communicate (internal and external parties), how we communicate (the modes and tools) and a …continue reading…

Eating To Live 1000 Years

The first person to live to be 1,000 years old is certainly alive today … whether they realize it or not, barring accidents and suicide, most people now 40 years or younger can expect to live for centuries.

Sounds overly optimistic? A Cambridge University geneticist, and many other researchers, think it’s possible.

Immortality is one of humanity’s oldest dreams. We seem to think of life as being on a conveyor belt. You get on, travel to the end, then get off. The phenomenon we refer to as aging, has been researched extensively — both medically and psychologically.

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The Omelette Man

There’s something rather allegorical about people who do just one small thing all their lives, but do it better than anyone else.

So bloody true. Whether it’s the Omelette Man, or the Joker, they both suffer from the same quality of being persistent. I’m humbled, when I come to think of it — they have a purpose.

You see, one fateful review in the Lonely Planet guidebook, mistakenly described him as an omelette shop, even though he had originally been making many foods. This review changed everything, and now he cracks open about 1000 eggs a day.

Mumbai Meri Jaan (Mumbai My Darling)

Kaun Kehta Hai, Aadmi Apni Kismat Khud Likhta Hai?
(Who says a man scripts his own destiny by himself?)

ha raham, ha raham, farma e-Khuda…
(remember Him, and keep chanting his name…)
ha raham, ha raham, farma e-Khuda…
mehfuz har kadam karna e-Khuda, e-Khuda
(… and He’ll make sure each step you take is a safe one…)
mehfuz har kadam karna e-Khuda, e-Khuda…

For one human being to love another: that is perhaps the most difficult of our tasks; the ultimate, the last test and proof, the work for which all other work is but preparation.

Vidvaan Sarvatra Pujyate

What is power? Is it wealth, is it affluence, is it assets, what is it? Philosophers have thought about this, [and] they have found the seat of power — knowledge!

“A king is honoured only in his own kingdom, but a man of knowledge is honoured everywhere.”

Filmmaker Ashutosh Gowariker, the director of Swades – one of my favorite films, on why it is time to end rural alienation [in India], and how if at least one person in each family becomes computer literate, India will be transformed.

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