Web 3.0, the final frontier?

Let’s take a quick tour. The first-generation web, Web 1.0 (prior to 1998), with its text-only web pages, centered around the “web browser” (application host). Web 2.0 (2002-2007) is centered around interaction (application dynamics and logic). The Web 2.0 trend is bloated with API’s, mashups, Ajax, wikis, social-networking etc., but [continue reading...]

Aussie Startup’s Survey

Sometime back, Cait e-mailed me to participate in a survey centred around Australian Internet-startup’s. The survey results can be viewed online, although I think its still missing responses from a few other participants.

There are plenty of interesting Internet startup’s emerging from down-under, but the state of investment in technology [continue reading...]

Yahoo! Pipes and The Web As Database

The article Yahoo! Pipes and The Web As Database explores the emergent world of Yahoo! Pipes. The author sees some interesting parallels with Relational Databases in the 90’s, concluding that with pipes, the Web essentially becomes a giant database that can be queried and remixed in any number of [continue reading...]