What has an iPhone got to do with Social Networking?

The latest scoop from the social web is that, both Google and Yahoo are working on next generation social networks. Yahoo is working on a service called Mosh (certainly to replace 360), while Google is working on Socialstream (possibly to replace Orkut, which is pretty dormant outside India [continue reading...]

Wireless Electricity, dubbed “WiTricity”

What if electricty could be transmitted wirelessly? Researchers from MIT have developed a wireless energy transfer technology that could ensure wireless devices are always charged up and ready to go. The concept behind the technology is simple and based on the idea that two resonant objects on the same resonance [continue reading...]

iPhone II already under way

The elusive Apple iPhone will hit US retail stores within a month, but manufacturing contracts have already been signed for iPhone 2. Its reported that a Taiwanese manufacturer, Quanta, had secured contracts to start producing the iPhone’s successor from September. Quanta – the world’s largest laptop PC manufacturer – already [continue reading...]