.NET Framework Class Browser

I find the .NET Framework Class Browser very convinient. It has saved me a lot of time on a daily basis looking for namespaces, classes and interfaces. I remember the commonly used namespaces and their respective classes but information on rarely used namespaces and their classes?is just a click away [continue reading...]

XML Resume Library

One of the development teams?at my office recently used the XML Resume Library for a document management project in ASP.NET. Although it was a pilot project for a HR consultancy but?the guys here seem to be appreciating the usefulness of the library. Earlier, we were planning to develop our own [continue reading...]

Yahoo Groups blocked in India

Lately, I haven’t been able to access the Yahoo Groups (groups.yahoo.com) from back here in India. There are tons of .NET-related groups which I browse once in a while to respond to queries, get answers to my own questions and share custom code snippets. Unfortunately, following an order by the [continue reading...]

Unit Test Your .NET Data Access Layer

Learn how to use NUnit and some related tools for successfully support testing a Data Access Layer for ASP.NET applications. Test driven development (TDD) has grown in popularity recently, especially with the growth of the Extreme Programming (XP) methodology. NUnit is a unit testing tool built for .NET, which follows [continue reading...]

Extreme Programming (Intro)

Just to add a quick preface to Roy’s post on Engineering Notebook: An Extreme Programming Episode, for those who might wonder what extreme programming (XP) actually?is, a good starting point is ExtremeProgramming.org?and XProgramming.com. In brief, the XP methodology mainly emphasizes on customer-driven development and?team work.

Pair programming [continue reading...]