10 Dollar Laptops

The Indian Human Resources Ministry is seriously attempting to manufacture laptops at almost half the price of the cheapest mobile – for $10 or just Rs 420. If the target is achieved, it plans to churn out close to a million laptops, catering to e-governance initiatives and school children. In terms of the technology the laptops will certainly be the scaled-down versions of what is available in the market. Instead of a hard disc for storage, these laptops might use flash memory of approximate 2GB. The motherboard will be one-fourth the size of what is available in the market. The computer is thin-client based, that means a small box is used to connect to a remote server, which has all the applications such as word, excel and can be accessed. The user will have a screen, keyboard, mouse and a box slightly bigger than a modem for the connectivity speed of 512 Kbps. Read more …

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