Hi, I'm Ashutosh Nilkanth (Ash).

I'm a technology entrepreneur, web developer, minimalist, and family guy.

I started my career in technology over two decades ago, building ecommerce and data-driven apps for US clients, freelancing remotely for global customers, and hustling with side-projects and startups since (over a dozen by now). From ERP to country-wide superannuation/pension systems to cloud Software-as-a-Service platforms, I've been developing my knowledge and utilizing my skills in Product Management.

In my spare time, I like to walk, ride a bicycle, read & write, watch world movies, listen to all sorts of music, and hang-out with friends.

This website is a journal of my thoughts, ideas and rants – around technology, software, startups & small-business, productivity, mindfulness, and observations in life.

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You can also check-out my recent movie ratings on IMDB, and my experiments in electronic music on Opsound.