10 Most Anticipated Movies of 2008

We are already half-way through this year, and while there’s nothing interesting on the telly lately, I thought I’d look up what’s cooking in hollywood. Thank goodness we have these films to look forward to. So here are the 10 most anticipated movies to come in 2008:

10. 10,000 B.C. (March 2008) – From the director of “The Day After Tomorrow”, this is a prehistoric epic that follows a young mammoth hunter’s journey through uncharted territory to secure the future of his tribe.

9. Jurassic Park IV (2008) – Written by Michael Crichton, a sequel to the JP series.

8. The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian (May 2008) – The Pevensie siblings return to Narnia, where they are enlisted to once again help ward off an evil king and restore the rightful heir to the land’s throne, Prince Caspian.

7. Star Trek XI (Dec 2008) – J.J. Abrams (Alias, Lost) directs this sci-fi thriller, to keep all ST fans busy for a while.

6. Bond 22 (Nov 2008) – Daniel Craig will return as James Bond 007.

5. John Rambo (2008) – Sylvester Stallone acts and directs in this next chapter of the Rambo series. In Thailand, John Rambo (Stallone) assembles a group of mercenaries and leads them up the Salween River to a Burmese village where a group of Christian aid workers allegedly went missing.

4. Wolverine (2008) – A spinoff from the hugely popular X-Men series is a prequel telling the story of Wolverine.

3. Indiana Jones 4 (May 2008) – Steven Spielberg and Harrison Ford bring together this sequel, nineteen years after the search of the Holy Grail, Indiana returns to the big screen once again.

2. 1-18-08 (formerly Cloverfield) (Jan 2008) – J.J. Abrams (Alias, Lost) directs this sci-fi thriller, which revolves around a monster attack in New York as told from the point of view of a small group of people.

1. The Dark Knight (July 2008) – The Dark Knight is the first Batman film to not have “Batman” in the title. Batman and James Gordon join forces in this action flick.

Special mention:

* The Forbidden Kingdom (Apr 2008) – Jackie Chan and Jet Li team up together in this action flick.

* The Incredible Hulk (June 2008) – Physicist Bruce Banner takes flight in order to understand — and hopefully cure — that the condition that turns him into a monster.

* AVP 2: Alien Vs. Predator 2

* The Mummy 3 (July 2008) – Brendan Fraser return in this sequel.

Enjoy 🙂

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