Advaita and Metaphysics

I like the psychedelic fusion music of the Delhi (India) band Advaita. Besides their music, their philosophy (quoted below) is quite interesting, specially the relation between the philosophical and metaphysical states of advaita.

Advaita: ‘a’- non, ‘dvaita’ – dual

Advaita means experiencing all as “One”, because in reality everything stems from one universal “Energy” or “Consciousness”.

Advaita has an interesting resonance with the study of metaphysics and most specifically with the relation between Energy and matter.

Einstein’s equation;

E = mc2

Where E = energy and m = mass of a particle and c = speed of light

Also Einstein established that

E = hí

Where E = Energy of a wave, and h = Planck’s constant and í = frequency of the wavelength.

The two equations combined give the result;

hí = mc2

This directly relates the mass of a particle to its frequency, which tells us that anything material has an associated wavelength. This in turn gives us a very interesting relationship between mass and energy, matter is another form of waves which in turn is another form of energy .It is also scientifically established that “Energy can neither be created nor destroyed”, which again takes us to the point that the whole Universe is a manifestation of that “One energy”(that is Non-Dual in nature or “Advaita”) which exhibits itself in many changeable forms (mass, wave, different energy forms etc).

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