An Indian film with most film festival screenings

This years Oscar’ staged “Water“, a film set in India, but an official nomination from Canada for the Best Foreign Film category. However, it didn’t win, despite the media hype surrounding it. And then there’s this less known short film from India called “Little Terrorist” (IMDB, Wikipedia), which was not only nominated for Oscar 2005, but won several prestigious awards including the Tehran Intl Short Film Festival, Montreal World Film Festival, Manhattan Intl Short Film Festival etc. I think this Indian film could easily be the one with most screenings in film festivals worldwide.

Little Terrorist, the film

The fascinating bit about this film is that the crew was assembled by the director Ashvin Kumar’s (blog) company Alipur Films in London via (an online network of filmmakers), and all crew members worked free-of-cost and travelled to India at their own expense.

For a limited time, you can watch “Little Terrorist” on Google Video.

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