The meaning of change.

ik zara haath baDha deN to pakaD le daaman
uske seene meiN sama jaaye hamari dhaDkan
itni kurbat hai to phir faaslaa itna kyooN hai

tum asarrat ka kahO ya ise gham ka rishta
kehte hain pyaar ka rishta hai janam ka rishta
hai janam ka jo ye rishta to badalta kyooN hai

Dogs are colorblind. They don’t see a black & white world, but they don’t see color as we do. Just like we don’t see time. We can feel it, we can feel it passing, but we can’t see it. It’s just like a blur. I’m that dog who saw a rainbow, only none of the other dogs believe me. But I see what I see, and its no mere falsehood. A thing as unimaginable as colour to a dog, and as real, as tangible as this chair I’m sitting on.

Do the colors in a rainbow change? The spectrum of illusion may just be fake as we assume people to be. But we assume so. We conclude so. Because there’s no benchmark, no past recollection to base our judgement on. Everything changes! Change itself goes through a transcending metamorphosis, and maybe it blames itself for that, like most of us. Trust the change, accept the bedrock of relationships, and you’ll never miss a thing! No mere falsehood.

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