broid audio

Lately, I’ve been getting e-mail’s from audio enthusiasts enquiring about the “broid” audio player. I wrote “broid” a couple of years back as an experimental project, but it phased out as other tasks took the priority. It’s surprising for me that “broid” is still used and appreciated by digital audio fans from around the world, specially with Winamp, iPod, iTunes etc. around.

broid audio player

Anyways guys, there are no immediate plans for an update or upgrade to the existing “broid” player (v1.0 beta 3a). Maybe in the future there’ll be a v2, but right now there’s much on the platter. If you are having difficulty downloading “broid” from any one location, like some of you have mentioned, then you can try the “broid” page on Softpedia. Enjoy that sound!

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