Cowboys of Delhi

Somethings get a bit funny, a bit satirical and at times a little ironical with certain issues in India. A few thousand people die of draught in a state and a few thousand die of flood in the neighbouring state. It seems that even after 58 years of Independence today, we as Indians are not only culturally diverse but hypothetically disparate.

For instance, the news from Delhi is that the High Court has passed an order asking the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) to get rid of the stray cow menace in/around the city. Apparently, there’s even a cash reward of Rs. 2000 for anybody who turns-in a stray cow at the shelter.

Gaurav Bhatnagar makes a valid point on his blog:

Cows are sacred for Hindus. But how that translates to letting stray cattle roam the streets is beyond my comprhension. If cows are sacred, then treat them well and give them shelter. Instead we have chosen to make the city one big zoo.

And how can it all not involve technology 😉 After all we are the IT super-power! The authorities in Delhi have started inserting microchips into cows to tackle the decades-old problem of cattle roaming freely in the streets of the Indian capital.

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