F# Compiler

Following an e-mail from a friend, I browsed the information on the F# compiler (a Microsoft Research project). Seems pretty cool but not something I would like to get a taste of right-away. There’s already too much – more relevant (atleast for me) to soak.?But its good to see that the .NET-based development context is expanding and programmers from “unmanaged” code domains can easily try-out or maybe even migrate to .NET with the help of available resources like this one.

The F# compiler is an implementation of an ML programming language for .NET. F# is essentially an implementation of the core of the OCaml programming language (see http://caml.inria.fr). F#/OCaml/ML are mixed functional-imperative programming languages which are excellent for medium-advanced programmers and for teaching. In addition, you can access hundreds of .NET libraries using F#, and the F# code you write can be accessed from C# and other .NET languages. Please visit the F# Compiler Preview web site for more information.

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