Free .NET Web Hosting

Some guys at work and others online, have been asking me for some suggestions on a free .NET web host. Free hosting may be a good way to play around and learn .NET (ASP.NET in particular) but by no means is it suitable and reliable for live production-level applications. Although I strongly recommend a (paid) basic shared hosting plan for any meaningful development but I just did a bit of lookup and came-up with the following list of free .NET web hosts:

1. Web Matrix Hosting – 20 MB Space, 10 MB SQL Server 2000 DB, .NET Framework 1.1, Windows Server 2003 hosting, FTP/MMC support

2. Brinkster – 30 MB Space, No DB support (but I guess Access DB works)

3. ASPfreeServer – 100 MB Space, Access DB, FTP

4. InnerHost – ASP.NET Beta 2 trial hosting, 100 MB Space, No DB support

5. ASPECTO – 50 MB Space, Access DB

6. MyLittleHost – Access and MSDE 2000?DB, FTP etc.

Disclaimer: I’m not related or working for any of the above sites/companies. The above suggestions are merely based on personal opinion. Use at your own risk.

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