Got iPrimus Broadband

Till a couple of months back, me and my flat-mate were sharing the ADSL broadband service from Dodo. It was quite stable and had very little downtime in the 4-5 months duration that we had used it. Now that we have a new flat-mate and the Dodo broadband service was terminated earlier in July, I’ve been on a look for another ADSL service. I finally subscribed to the iPrimus broadband service with bundled phone line and thousand free phone calls. I’m aware that the Primus broadband service is not the best around but the bundled land-line service bonus sounds good. Anyways, my 512k/128k broadband account was activated yesterday. The router setup just took a couple of minutes. The modem is a iConnect Access 621 with a Ethernet and a USB outlet. So far the speed has been good. I just hope it stays that way!

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