Hurricane Rita

I just got an e-mail newsletter from my web host – JaguarPC, addressing concerns regarding Hurricane Rita that seems to be heading towards the Houston Greater Area. The JaguarPC data center facility is around 60 miles north of the direct hit zone of Galveston. The storm could reach a Category 4 status and a state of emergency has already been declared by the Mayor. I’m sure JaguarPC is quite prepared and have a recovery plan in place. The JaguarPC newsletter mentions:

We did a study and in the past 33 years (including a level 5 hurricane) the maximum wind speed in our zip code was reported at 69 miles per hour. We feel that we have done a good job at mitigating risk but that’s not to say we don’t plan on just not ever experiencing a disaster.

But its not the hosting uptime that I’m so worried about. Having seen the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina in the past few weeks, I’m more concerned with what impact Rita might have on the people and the civic structures. I just hope that it goes with little harm and I wish for the safety of everyone around the Houston Greater Area. JaguarPC seems to have an emergency management plan for its paying hosting clients, but more than that I hope the US Govt. and the State authorites have an emergency management plan for its tax-paying citizens. Don’t let this be another New Orleans.

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