Vande Mataram

“Baraf ka muqaddar apne hi paani mein pighal jana hota hai (The destiny of ice is to melt in its own water”. I really really wish for the movie Swades (we, the people) to be shown on Doordarshan instead of the mushroom metro-multiplexes. The movie should reach out – to all, who say they represent India. And if you still don’t get it – then, well skip my rant!

Today, India – the nation, is a good 58 years old. On this Independence Day, specially having lived outside the country for a while, I have a lot to say. I have a lot to say about who we are, where we come from, what do we think, why do we do what we do, how it feels, what is holding us back and why we still haven’t learnt from our mistakes. I have a lot to say about our hardships, our fallacies, our glory, our problems, our solutions, our youth, our future, our sensibility, our intellect, our passion, our poetry, our dilemmas, our pride, our disgrace, our culture, our heritage, our language and our people! But I’ll cut all the hard talk today and save all of us some time to think about the people who will no longer be coloured for this world.

The First Day Card (dated August 15, 1947) conveys a serene message for any Indian, for generations to come!

Front Text:

We bow down with all humility before our Mother India.

To-day on this memorable day, we every daughter and son of Mother India, do not demur as we have nobly conquered our past and vow to serve our Mother truthfully, faithfully and cheerfully in sun-shine and shower.


So this goes to a prosporous and successful year for India and all Indian’s. Mera bharat mahan, aapka Bharat mahan!

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