Jeene Ke Ishaare

Once in a while, a hindi film song come’s by which is a class apart and has a unique taste to it. Rarely can such melodic quality be seen in hindi movies now-a-days. Well, I’ve been listening non-stop to one such song from the new movie – Phir Milenge. This one song is beautifully titled “Jeene Ke Ishaare”. The lyrics are simple yet amazing and the music is very soothing. The acoustic guitar is fresh and everything in the song is in place, as it should be.

Jeene ke ishaare mil gaye
Bichde the kinare mil gaye

The song has a very refreshing sound and feel to it. The music is given by the talented trio – SEL (Shankar-Ehsan-Loy). Infact, Shankar Mahadevan has himself sung the song (with a mysterious female vocalist in the background). The song is written by adman-turned-lyricist Prasoon Joshi.

“Toone hasken mujhse muskurane ko kaha”, now how simplistic and elegant is that! Or how about, “kuch geet purane, rakhe the sirhaane”. Now that’s a fine piece of lyrical art. Enough said, go hear the song and enjoy it 🙂

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