Lucky Ali, Interview

“I’ve never had to sell my music” says Lucky Ali, one of my favorite music artists. I really like his simple style of music and his artistic depiction of life. His music videos are equally descriptive and reflective of his own self. Bohemian at some level. And for those who haven’t heard much music from the Indian-subcontinent, you must hear Lucky Ali once, to experience a completely different world of fusion and orchestration that sounds awesome! Personally, I like all songs from his first album “Sunoh” and most songs from his second album “Sifar” (meaning zero/nothing). The song “Tere Mere Saath” from his third album “Aks” (meaning, reflection) is another beautiful song with a great video shot in Havana, Cuba. Talking of his videos, I’m most impressed and inspired by his video for the song “Dekha Hai Aise Bhi” (with an up-tempo reggae flavor to it, guitar tabs/chords).

A still from the video of Dekha Hai Aise BhiThis video was shot in Arizona on the legendary American coast-to-coast highway Route 66. The video features Lucky as a traveller searching for his inner self and on this journey asking questions about his existence.

In real life too, Lucky went on a journey as a self-confessed “struggler trying to achieve something in life,” from selling carpets, working on an oil rig in Pondicherry (India), to breeding race horses in the United States and finally ending up in New Zealand (where, from what I’ve read he is an onion farmer). Now that’s versatility!

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