Mobile Movies

Lately, I’ve been very interested in the visual-quality and utility of mobile-cams (besides the crappy MMS spy stuff doing rounds). After reading about an article the other day on the advent of SMS novels, it hit me whether the tech-savvy have already took on to mobile movie making. Imagine shooting an entire short film with amateur equipment (well, basically just your mobile phone). The raw nature of the whole visual expression would be so cool and aesthetic. A short script, amateur actors, natural lighting, casual props, limited editing and walla! … actually Nokia! Infact, the Nokia N90 (priced at around USD 900) is the first mobile phone to record video at VHS resolution, using the Carl Zeiss optics. And, the world’s biggest mobile phone maker, has been running a competition called Nokia Shorts aimed at encouraging the production of short films made on & designed for mobile phone. Nokia Shorts involves a 15-second (yeah you heard it right) film-making competition. Not only does that sound challenging but it also seems a race against time – but nothing too scary for the creative. Infact, going through some of the 15-second films at Nokia Shorts, it has inspired me to write a short script and produce a short movie myself 😉 When that happens is anybody’s guess.

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