My new Moto

Moto A1000A few days back, I received a new mobile phone (a Motorola A1000) from Three Australia, as part of an upgrade offer. It’s a fantastic switch for me and a nice compact handset (a touchscreen PDA style). So far I’m impressed with it.

The phone is powered by the Symbian mobile OS. The in-built memory is also comparitively less (down to 22megs from 64megs). The digital camera (still & video) is not as crisp and the output quality is not comparable to my old phone. The in-built audio player, compact speakers and the headphones are of awesome quality. The UI is brilliantly designed. The handwriting recognition thing might take some time for me to get used to though. The Moto A1000 doesn’t support Infrared connectivity anymore, which was convinient for instant sync with the laptop. It still has a Bluetooth and USB link.

Overall a good upgrade I would say.

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