New Year

Finally, back to where I left in December. The holiday season was great and it was fun to spend quality time with family & friends. Anyways, I’m back at work – immediately attending to an “interesting” vulnerability in a client’s application (more on it later). Well, last year (2003) was not quite eventful but satisfactory. I was able to …

  1. Extend my knowledge and experience on .NET (MCSD is not too far away 🙂
  2. Expand my consulting & freelancing work (a .NET hybrid-search project I did for Roche was the most interesting)
  3. Spend more time with family & friends
  4. Sketch a course of action for this year

This year (2004) I’ll be concentrating on …

  1. Extending my technical knowledge (conceptual, theoretical and practical)
  2. Forming a small IT services consulting firm
  3. Launching a “one-of-its-kind” .NET-powered project (development on it is 75% complete but still low-priority due to other commitments)
  4. Enjoying what I do each day and taking things as they come

Overall, I think this year should be more interesting and fruitful for me than the past or so I hope. I guess I have to get even more focused and disciplined for it all to fall in place. Never-the-less, I’m quite optimistic with the way things are going in the .NET community and efforts from each & every technology enthusiast are exciting to say the least. The upcoming tools & technologies (Whidbey, Orcas, .NET 2.0, Yukon, Longhorn etc) should keep us busy and hopefully make us more a productive & efficient lot.

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