Online Income Guaranteed in 3 Steps

There are numerous articles on how to go about earning revenue from your web site or blog. There are several online services and programs that let you monetize from your web site or blog, but for a self-starter it is often hard to make the right choice.

So I’ve collected some really effective techniques, which will guarantee you some additional income for your web site or blog. So far, in my case this secondary income has been good enough to pay for hosting, bandwidth and ISP costs; but if your web site is able to generate good traffic then the figure may easily be upto several thousand dollars each month (Markus Frind who runs – an online dating service, earned $900,000 in just two months). Ain’t bad now, is it? So here are some tips, tricks and hacks which can help any web site or blog owner kick start their online income:

1. Analysis: Start off by reviewing the average monthly visits and average monthly unique hits (based on the traffic log) to your web site or blog. These attributes hightlight the tarffic to your web site. Think of your web site or blog as you online digital real estate. The higher the traffic you can generate, the more possibility for you to earn from your online real estate. Monitor and compare these statistics as you progress with your online marketing campaign.

2. Traffic Generation: If you have a web site (on any topic, product or service) then the first step is to make your web site more functional and improve its usability (remember “less is more”). Once you have a reviewed opinion from some expert friends or associates, then the next step is to generate traffic by making public press releases, posting about your web site on various discussion forums, starting up a blog (to share your service experiences with customers and readers), broadcasting your blog posts, sending e-mail’s about your web site or blog to friends and known associates. In today’s wired world, news travels faster than light, so if you have a niche product/service, and if you spread the word right, it will surely catch on like wild fire. Remember, whatever you do to generate traffic, never break the golden rule of web marketing etiquette – “don’t spam”!

3. Monetize: So you have traffic coming in, people visiting your web site, reading your blog, maybe even developing into an online community where people share comments etc. Now when it comes to choosing the right revenue generation tools, you have a whole bunch of options, from ads to referrals, to shopping commissions.

You can display contextual ads to start with. The best program for this type of monetization is Google AdSense.

I use it here on my blog, like many other web site owners; and with some decent traffic it can generate good money for you. Checkout the highest Google AdSense earners list, anywhere between $10,000 and $300,000 each month is not bad, much more than your regular 9-to-5 job in most cases. So, I highly recommend you to join Google AdSense for contextual ads.

Second on my list is a service called Chitika, who also let you put interactive ads on your web site or blog. Their ads are like interactive shopping widgets. Its a new but reliable service. And it can be used along-side Google AdSense (as an alternate URL setting), as long as Chitika ads are in non-contextual mode (by default).

There are other online advertising programs like Yahoo Publishers Networks, AdBrite, TextLinksAds (ads in RSS feeds) etc.

Besides, these online advertising programs, there are also some neat services like PayPerPost and ReviewMe, which actually pay you to blog about a certain topic, product or service. You earn to blog, isn’t that cool! Although I haven’t ventured into that strategy as yet, but its quite tempting.

I highly recommend anyone reading this article, to also read the article “101 Ways to make money online” at

And while you earn, share a little!

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