Phenom Unbound Finale

If you like good rock music, or maybe read my blog once in a while, and you still don’t know who Phenom is, then you must read this rant. Phenom is a desi rock band (from Bangalore) with some hard guts on. These guys don’t beleive in acoustic revenge on the audience by means of “a stone with a stone”, they are subtle, “a rock with a rock”! Checkout the video clip of Phenom performing “Unbound” at RadioCity Live. Here’s the original “Unbound” composition.

While we are on it, I caught Them Clones performing live at Turquoise Cottage in Delhi, while on my home trip. Prithwish lived upto the on-stage presence, and so did the rest of the band. Hip gig! The guys are performing next up on 20th May at Elevate, Noida (which my sis tells me is one of the best clubs to be at around Delhi).

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