Red Inc.

My childhood friend Rony (Selwyn Lal) has made us all really proud of him. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Red Inc. Studios *tada*. All music produced & engineered by Selwyn Lal of Red, Inc. (Illinois). I love all the four songs produced as yet. Mellow and smooth!

For as long as I remember, Rony always had a thing about music. I still remember, when he came back from Seychelles (where he lived for a couple of years before moving to Chicago), he brought a studio-recorded audio tape of songs by Kylie Minogue and gave the cassette to me. I still have that cassette 🙂 and another CD from him – by Steven Curtis Chapman (btw, his song “For the sake of the call” is very inspiring). Anyways, my best wishes to Rony! Keep making that cool music and I’ll keep listenting dude!

[Update: Seems like the Red Inc Studios web site is inaccessible, so here’s a cached archive page.]

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  1. call me yaar… have been looking for you for many years on the web..

    and it is actually “Lalink” I changed it to give it a Fresh Indian feel. Music will flow as more inspiration comes.

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