Rediscovering your freedom has repercussions

WaspWhen I first saw Wasp, a short film by Andrea Arnold, I was moved by its absorbing yet naturalistic pace. Wasp went on to win an Oscar in 2005 for the Best Short Film, but I resisted writing about this great film until I find a moment in life to actually go back and think of it. I guess that time is now.

Some people refind love in their lifetime, many refind hope everyday, and some just face the repercussions that come with every discovery. This film is a realistic look at rediscovering those moments in life, a look at poverty, and takes a silent laugh on a society that values lifestyle more than life itself. If you like the drama genre, then you must watch Wasp (watch online). Who know’s you might be on a path to rediscovery as well.

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