Seven Reasons Why a Scientist Believes in God

“We are still in the dawn of the scientific age, and every increase of light reveals more brightly the handiwork of an intelligent Creator. We have made stupendous discoveries; with a spirit of scientific humility and of faith grounded in knowledge we are approaching ever nearer to an awareness of God.”

Seven Reasons Why a Scientist Believes in God

First: By unwavering mathematical law we can prove that our universe was designed and executed by a great engineering intelligence.

Second: The resourcefulness of life to accomplish its purpose is a manifestation of an all-pervading Intelligence.

Third: Animal wisdom speaks irresistibly of a good Creator who infused instinct into otherwise helpless little creatures.

Fourth: Man has something more than animal instinct – the power of reason.

Fifth: Provision for all living is revealed in such phenomena as the wonders of genes.

Sixth: By the economy of nature, we are forced to realize that only infinite wisdom could have foreseen and prepared with such astute husbandry.

Seventh: The fact that man can conceive the idea of God is in itself a unique proof.

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