Signal-to-Noise #7

  • A new version (4.1.3) of Inno Setup (an application installer & setup creation tool that I use quite frequently) has been released with an all-new Explorer-like folder browser.
  • With Visual Studio Whidbey, Microsoft will deliver a set of tools (code-named “Whitehorse”) that enable architects and developers to easily design service-oriented applications and operations infrastructure simultaneously. Whitehorse uses a drag-and-drop design surface to connect XML Web services, and then validates the resulting applications against the deployment environment. [via Dan Fernandez]
  • Mapping Binary Data to a Structure – a summary of the primary ways of mapping binary data to a structure besides the standard approach using BinaryReader.
  • Calculate the most effecient page size based on the catalog, in DB2, by Brett. Anyone know of a SQL Server variation to it?
  • Axosoft, the creators of the team-based defect tracking and task management software – OnTime, announced that?they will provide a free 3-user version of its OnTime Web or Windows edition product free to bloggers who agree to mention Axosoft in their blogs.
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