Signal-to-Noise #9

  • dotText pre-0.96 – Two new features (among others), Search and ScheduledEvents,?in dotText (pre-0.96) that I’ll be?going through?for sure to learn more on the implementation and design. From Scott’s blog: “ScheduledEvents is a?simple API for scheduling a recurring event (or once a day event). Examples would be clearing the stats queue or rebuilding the search index.” I hope it to be a cleaner and more appropriate solution to Scheduled Execution in ASP.NET.
  • XPath in .NET – “Don’t perform XPath queries against an XMLDocument or an XMLDataDocument. Use an XPathDocument instead.”, XPath Performance in .NET by Jerry Dixon.
  • VS IDE – Tim Dawson shows in this article how you can use in your Windows application the same designer than VS use. Good overview of the designer architecture, if you are interested in building an IDE. [via Paschal L]
  • Mono 0.30 has been released, with 30-40% faster compilation speeds (the compiler compiles itself in 2.3 secs on a 1.6ghz machine), a FileSystemWatcher, Cryptography fixes, WS bug fixes and more. [via Oddur Magnusson]
  • The Northwind Example?to DataTable Relational Operators in C#.
  • Linux on Windows -?coLinux?(Cooperative Linux) is the first working, free and open source method for optimally running Linux on Microsoft Windows natively. [via Stefano Demiliani]
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