Software QA/Testing and UltraGird for Avalon

Rob Davis has put together an extensive and very insightful Glossary and Technical FAQs section on Software QA/Testing. [via Siva Rama Krishna]

Today, I also came across this control (for Avalon) called UltraGrid. UltraGrid for Avalon is a functional grid control that supports hierarchical data, column sizing, multi-column sorting and ‘Outlook Group-by’. It was written by Infragistics, at the request of Microsoft, to showcase at the PDC what could be done in a very short period of time by leveraging the Avalon framework. The control was written from scratch in less than 1 month’s time by 2 Infragistic’s developers who had no prior exposure to Avalon. However, the control has no keyboard support or editing capability. Also note that the design of the control makes use of nested listboxes to display hierarchical or group-by levels. Hence, the grid will not be very performant when dealing with even a modestly sized data source. UltraGrid application and source code is available for download.

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