As much as I like thought provoking films, I also like thought provoking animations. Yesterday night, lying in bed, I was pondering over how the day went, and what I have for tomorrow, for the weekend, for the next few months. Caught up in the loop of thoughts, while randomly searching Vimeo, a slick video website like YouTube, I stumbled upon a short animation titled “Solar”. Solar pulled me back from my comatose. It gripped me, and left me orbiting on a different line of thought.

Solar is a tale of the sun, the moon, and two characters who inhabit a world that relies on day and night perhaps more than it would seem. It is one of the best short animations I’ve seen in the recent past. The CG work is pretty cool, but most importantly it has a subtle yet intriguing concept.

Watch this award-winning short on its official website, or on Vimeo.

Some other noteworthy short animations that I’ve liked a lot are:


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