Startups Business Model Survey 2008

Recently, Vishal Sharma and I decided to devote some of our time towards a dedicated blog portal covering technology startups and interviews with prominent people from IT, TeleComm and Green Tech.

Vishal successfully led the Australian Startups Carnival, and the Top Web2.0 Apps in Australia survey. I’m thankful to him for inviting me to collaborate on the ‘Following Startups & Tech Trends’ blog. We are planning to diversify it into a full-fledged startups portal, which will be focused towards Australian and Indian startups to start with.

Anyways, while we gradually move towards that direction, I was tempted to launch the Startups Business Model Survey 2008 — a global survey that presents an open comparitive analysis of the business model of early-stage (ideally upto 12 months old) startups. Its an open survey for all early-stage startups to participate in, and eventually learn more about the functional business models of other startups in a similar market segment catering to a similar audience. We hope that this survey-based analysis will help early-stage startups to gauge their business model and streamline their revenue channels.

You can quickly fill-in the survey in less than 5 minutes, or read more about its objective on the startups portal blog.

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