The Alien, the Caveman, and the Monkey

Prometheus and BobThere’s a short claymation show called ‘Prometheus and Bob‘ (wikipedia) on Nickelodeon that really amuses me. Prometheus is a smart alien that is trying to teach a dumb caveman, Bob. Bob is a very dumb and clueless caveman. Monkey is a chimp that normally is looking out for his own entertainment, it often likes to annoy Prometheus. Prometheus and BobEach episode would follow Prometheus’s attempts to teach Bob a different thing; whether it be simple concepts like the wheel or using a spear, or more complex concepts such as bowling, farming and construction, in the end Bob would come out as primitive as he was in the beginning.

It’s truly a classic show because it can be understood by nearly anyone in the world, there’s no language barrier, and the message from most shorts is universal.

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