The fear outside Kabbalah

There is a concept in the Kabbalah, described in the Zohar, that “that which is below is above, and that which is above is below.” That is to say: in order to influence something on the worldly, physical level, you must first change on the spiritual level.

From what little I’ve seen and experienced, we fear the fall of the mind. We do not fear the fall of the body. An infusion of the mind and the body, of the spiritual state and the physical state.

The Grandmother TreeWe are hesitant, doubtful and contemplative in every decision, to let go of our belief, our idelogy, our mind. But when asked to confide in someone, someone we love & trust, and lean on them from the top of the wall for they’ll catch us and we won’t fall, we let go … we fall … without a repercussion …

Mind is the real self, because that’s really what we wish to protect. Maybe its not about the ego after all, its the self-esteem we wish to embark. Ego is our consciousness of our own identity but self-esteem is the care for oneself. What is more important: satisfying one thousand desires or conquering just one

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