2 thoughts on “The Green Athiest”

  1. No. nothing can be said concretely about it.
    What does it mean by religious? going to temple/churches?

    Yes, wealthy nations are more into spending/leisure activities. But, that doesn’t make them less religious. Look at the community work done by people inside their community/internationally. Also, it is a chart, where people go up in wealth & then get lesser of satisfaction from things (satisfaction & happiness is a product within & not to be found outside).

    For less wealth nations, there is a struggle to make two ends meet. And, religious provides a comfort & push to go ahead, work, feed the family – gives direction to life. So, there is not much choice there.

    The wealth doesn’t make us less spiritual. It is us who decides which way we would like to take. And, it cannot be in isolation. One cannot be entirely materialistic & not think about spiritual aspects & vice versa. Spiritual aspects cannot be complete till some of the basic needs are taken care of (unless, ofcourse you are a monk).

    Thanks for a good post.

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