The Hypothesis of Total Relationship

According to Quantum Physics, a particle exists in a particular space and time only if you observe it. Before the observation it is a mere possibility, a potential. But what about looking at it from the point of view of the particle ? Conversely,surely, the observation of the particle has given us an existence in particular space/time.

So the observer and the observed have co-created each others identity in particular time/space. And in our arrogance we assume that we are higher beings therefore ‘observation’ radiates only from us to the particle. It’s like the Sun believing that only it’s force of gravity holds the Earth in orbit, without realzing that garvity from the earth is part of the total relationship.

Shekhar Kapur continues …

I am reminded of an interesting story I heard. A scientist was studying a Dolphin that was captured in a glass-walled pool. The scientist was providing the Dolphin with stimuli and studying the reaction of the Dolphin to varying stimuli, hoping to find a pattern to the Dolhin’s behaviour. Trying to prove that the Dolphin had greater cognitive power than we imgained.

But to his dismay the sceintist could not find a pattern in the Dolphin’s behaviour. Till he decided to throw all his date into chaos and re-evaluate. Imagine his shock when he DID find a pattern.

The Dolphin was experimenting with the scientist. It was looking for it’s own pattern in the scientist’s behaviour.

It reminds me of Shekhar’s thought-provoking snippet from sometime back …

formless seamless infinite relationships between all things

so then
when I say ” I love you”
do I lie ?
do I deceive ?
or is it a desperate cry for help
to drag me out of
my mistaken sense of my ‘self’

I’ve been 30 years old for nearly 7 months now, and the hypothesis of “total relationship” is merely stemming from the fact that “time is living me”, and I’m the spectator, probably the only spectator. Let’s not be enslaved by time and space, for we are the lesser beings.

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