Turtles can fly, in the mirror

Throw it [glass of water] on the mirror.

(Splash on the mirror, and rain pouring out the window)

This is what she sees now.

– A distorted image of herself.

Who are you in all this?

– I’m the mirror.
– If I’m the mirror and she’s the image … then who are you?

I can see both of you … so I’m “God”.

Always remember, the ability to repress … is actually a vital survival tool.

The image reflected in a mirror can be seen but cannot be touched. While we look in the mirror, do we think that this side of the mirror is physical space and that the other side of the mirror is the mental space?

There’s always a distance of one Ã¥ngström (one ten-billionth of a meter) between any two atomic entities. Be it our body mass on a chair but floating in a narrow space of thin air, Or touching a face with our finger tips and still not being able to feel it, Or praying with the rosary beads in the hand and yet not being anywhere near to the unknown. Such is the universe. Always a distance of one Ã¥ngström, keeping us away from opening the door to self awareness.

Self doubt is the mind trying to supress the irrepresibility of the spirit.

Trying to liberate my spirit trapped between that one ångström, now whether its born out of impulse or cognition is yet to be rocked in the cradle of growth.

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