Void Sound Of A Void Monk

I’ve been relaxing and trying to make the most of my holidays for the past few days. It’s amazing how much you can get done when in the right frame of mind.

While doing some coding in my spare time lately, I’ve had a strong craving for listening to some new music. So, I took some time out to basically mix and record my own tracks, mainly electronic rock stuff composed using digital synthesizer software.

I’m sharing a few tracks below. All mp3’s are downloadable under the Creative Commons license. Some are also featured at Opsound:

Racket In the Rain (Extended)

Landing on Queepa 76

Avatar From Copenhagen

End Game Republic


One thought on “Void Sound Of A Void Monk”

  1. Hi! Eduardo here, from Brazil.
    We want to use the song Landing on Queepa 76 on a shot movie, we love it for the ending. Do you still have the song on .wav or the project of the mix? Thanks a lot!

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