Web-based Database Administration

Maybe this is old news for some of you guys. Anyways, I’ve been using two such ASP.NET applications which allow remote database administration via a web interface. It’s very useful when you don’t have ready access (specially on client locations) to SQL Server Enterprise Manager or when the internet connectivity is not suitable for rapid management.

The first is Web Data Administrator (from Microsoft) and the other one is ASP Enterprise Manager. Both are great for basic web-based database administration (i.e. creating tables, SP’s, managing users etc.). As a side note, I don’t think web-based administration tools for SQL Server have yet reached a level of maturity as with MySQL. I’ve used?phpMyAdmin?- a similar administration interface (for MySQL, written in PHP) on some occasions and it rocks! It’s far ahead in terms of its feature set and what one can do with a browser-based database administration tool.

However, I also feel that probably there’s limited requirement for a web-based database administration?tool among most .NET/SQL Server developers since on most developer machines SQL Server Enterprise Manager is just a click away, which is not the case with MySQL since, to be the best of my knowledge, it doesn’t have an advanced desktop-based database administration tool like EM.

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