Yahoo Launchcast Radio

IMO, one of the really cool features of the new Yahoo Messenger is the in-built Launchcast Radio. Its a live radio channel with lots of audio streaming radio stations (by genres) with all the latest music. The sound quality is excellent. I was in the mood for some R&B last night and had a great choice of it. Here’s a list of some R&B songs I heard at Yahoo Launchcast that you may like listening to:

.: Southside (Main) by Lloyd
.: Sorry 2004 by Rubin Studdard
.: Separated, by Avant
.: What If, by Rubin Studdard (he’s the American Idol from last year I guess)
.: Confessions (part II), by Usher
.: My First Love, by Avant
.: Priceless, by Joe (this guy rocks. I really like one of his other songs titled I Wanna Know)

The variety of country style music at Launchcast is also great. Checkout this one other song: “Paint Me a Birmingham” by Tracy Lawrence.

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