DotNetSIG December Session (21st Dec)

The Delhi .NET?Developers Group presents interactive sessions on Assemblies and .NET Remoting, on 21st December 2003.

Assemblies : Inside preview of a .NET Assembly — We will be discussing the purpose of an assembly as well as related concepts such as metadata, modules, and the broad difference between private and shared assemblies, as well as the basic techniques for compiling high level code into assemblies – so we’re going to go a bit beyond that and look at the underlying structure of assemblies.

NET Remoting : Introduction to .NET Remoting and Distributed Computing — Since the announcement of .NET, a lot of attention has been paid to the new inter-application communication possibilities offered by Web Services. But in fact, the code technology in .NET for communication between distributed application components is .NET Remoting. Remoting is the successor to Microsoft DCOM, and enables .NET Application developers to easily access code running on remote computers.

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