Signal-to-Noise #2

The Republic Day (Mon, 26th Jan) is near while the odd rains in and around New Delhi will hopefully not confine people indoors?during this long weekend. To me, the most amazing sight in the city this time of the year is the evening view of the Rashtrapati Bhavan (Presidents House) [continue reading...]

DotNetSIG December Session (21st Dec)

The Delhi .NET?Developers Group presents interactive sessions on Assemblies and .NET Remoting, on 21st December 2003.

Assemblies : Inside preview of a .NET Assembly — We will be discussing the purpose of an assembly as well as related concepts such as metadata, modules, and the broad difference between private and [continue reading...]

Web Server Usage Survey and Comparator

Port80 Surveys the Top 1000 Corporations’ Web Servers versus Netcraft Web Server Survey. So who’s winning?

Vasanth Dharmaraj presents Comparator – a slick tool (written in .NET, source code available) to preview a web site in IE and Mozilla at the same time.

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Gaurav Khanna has published some very cool .NET articles, applications, components, presentations, source code, tips and web services on his web site – (under the .NET menu option). He has also been working on extensions and enhancements to Rotor. Great content overall!

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