Home Wifi Setup

Yesterday I got a new wireless router, a Billion 7202g (with built-in ADSL modem, router, 4-port switch and wireless AP). I was looking for a good all-in-one wireless pack on eBay and with some local retailers, but couldnt find a good deal. Then last week I got a tip on a forum that MSY Computers, a local vendor, has a great deal on the Billion 7202g. So I bought it and replaced the old iConnect Access 621 single-port wired modem router.

The Billion 7202g installation and setup was a breeze. Ethernet service was active within a few seconds. Finally I got my hands on the wireless service today. The wireless service was also quick to configure but it took me a while to enable the wireless security for the AP. I was trying to enable the WPA security mode as its much more secure than the WEP mode. But for some odd reason the client computer couldn’t communicate with WPA PSK enabled. So I upgraded the client computer network driver (an Intel 2100) and installed the Wireless update rollup package for Windows XP. But the wifi service was still inaccessible, until I downgraded the security mode to WEP. So I’ve finally left it at WEP for now, althought its not very secure but still something is better than nothing.

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