Months gone by

I’m not quite sure where to start but then who cares 🙂 The last 4-5 months have been “redefining”, both personally as well as professionally, but yet extremely hectic. I just haven’t had the time to maintain the blog, but I’ve been missing out on it lately. Anyways, I’ll try to be more consistent now. One thing that I’ve realized with all this, is that maintaining a blog (probably much like writing a paper journal or personal diary of sorts) is not as easy as it seems. Taking out time to write (habitually) and creative writing can get daunting at times but its a whole lot of fun. Although I encourage a lot of friends and colleagues to setup a blog and join the Blogosphere. But then I’ve been away from my own blog for this long that I’ve been getting restless with the overwhelming lava of thoughts and ideas, that I wanted to just pen-down somewhere. Never-the-less, I’m back!

A lot has happened in these past few months (not that I went to Japan to try Sushi after my last post back in Dec.). The main reason for me keeping so busy lately has been a new job. I joined this reputed IT firm here in the Melbourne CBD in December last year and it has kept me occupied since. I’m working as a Senior Consultant for them and my role basically involves software/web-apps architecture and development (using C# .NET). My first project in the company was a SAP Business One (SBO for short) add-on development for SAP Australia itself. It was an exciting project and a great experience, specially considering that it was my first SAP implementation and that too for SAP, the company. These days I’m working on some maintenence tasks on a large project that our company did for Telstra (Australia’s leading telecomm company). Its going good for now. Enough about work for now, I also had a great time on New Year when a couple of us friends took a road trip on the Great Ocean Road. We spent the New Years eve in Lorne and then drove to Twelve Apostles in the morning (1st Jan). It was one of the best trips and a memorable New Year. I’ll post some photos from the trip soon.

January and February 2005 were really hectic due to work but almost every evening was party-time when us friends (Abhi, Ajay, Subu, Gautam, Raghu, Lohit, Colin) used to get together and chill out, cook, drink and watch movies etc. I’m not much of a party animal but I also did a fair bit of clubbing in the past few months. We went to some nice clubs and pubs in the city; and had a great time. On one hand, where I’ve been keeping so busy and missing family & home; I’ve also been lucky to find some really good friends here. We all come around as a support system for each other and its really cool. All of them are from different parts of India and some from different parts of the world but . Here’s a shout-out to all you guys: Ajay, Abhi, Sangeeta, Gautam, Lohit, Subu, Raghu. You all are the best!

Recently I moved to new a apartment closer to the city, since now my work and uni are both in the city, so its more convinient. Infact, when at one time our whole friend-circle was practically living each day in a large house, now we all have moved away to different places – but we try to get together as much as possible. A typical week is driven by work and uni lectures (btw, I’ll be completing my MIS in the next few months so that will be a relief). And then just relaxing over the weekend or hanging out with friends (Lohit and I get together on some weekends for a few beer stubbies at Tab). But in between all of this; I miss my family, my friends and Delhi a lot. Its been more than an year since I’ve been to India. But hopefully I’ll take a vacation to India soon or my folks will be coming down here. Either way, I’m looking forward to it!

Well here goes a new post to a new begnining! Cheers 🙂

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