When Men Grow Old

I’ve been twisting with some Indian rock/fusion music lately (groups like Cognac, Advaita, Phenom, Them Clones, Thermal & a Quarter really impressed me with their indigenous sound). Well, I’m in the mood for some blues and RnB today, and on my dear bud Moses’ recommendation I had a listen to When men Grow Old by Babyface. It’s a lovely smooth track and brought back a lot of old memories.

I’ve grown up listening to a variety of music, but Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds, Boyz II Men and 3T happen to be my favorite artists in this genre. With songs like – End of the Road, Water Runs Dry, Doin’ just fine, Dear God, 4 Seasons, and a bunch of other lovely compositions, B2M is undoubtedly the four guys of blue. Babyface has composed some great songs for a host of the other artists and has sung some beautiful mellow words himself (like – The day you gave me a son, How can an angel break my heart, How come how long etc). 3T (the three brothers, nephews of Michael Jackson) sing their heart out candidly, and with such elegance. I remember having bought their debut album titled “Brotherhood” when I was in college and for a moment thereafter it had some beautiful reflections, which I still cherish!

I have no doubt in my mind that the afro-american community has a lot of talent, inspired by the Gosple and going all the way to soul harmony through the sound of music. Keep it coming guys and I’ll keep listening!

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