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  1. I agree Kalpesh. I think largely we both are talking about the same thing. At some level, how the world looks at India has become more important than how we look at ourselves.

  2. To some degree, you are right. 🙂

    To that extent, other countries do their IT/Programming work in their own language. I am sure, you must have seen websites of chinese/japanese/german developers & their blog post.

    And, IMO – it is ok to have the blog post in english, if it can put your thoughts better to your audience.

    More so, when you are writing blog & when I post reply, it is because of a subject which is taught in english & much of its vocabulary is in english.

    If we have our schools/universities create words for all such thing & are taught to everyone – there wouldn’t be a problem writing things in Hindi/Tamil 🙂

    Most other countries have new words created to accomodate additions.
    e.g. verbunden connected, online
    umbenennen rename (v.)

    courtesy: http://german.about.com/library/blcomputD_T-Z.htm

    It makes me feel bad that people creating hindi films talk in English during interviews/award ceremonies, wear clothes of european/american style – I am not sure which audience they represent.

    Enough of my rant. I wrote what I felt – specifically to the post about Amir Khan becoming Sir.

    I did not intend to hurt your sentiments on this post.
    And if you are hurt, I sincerely apologize.


  3. Good point Kalpesh.

    However, if we wouldn’t have needed acknowledgment from foreign agencies/government to honor people of our country, this blog and your post wouldn’t have been in English.

    Sadly, the shadow of the Colonial era will never fade away.

  4. The colonial times have gone. Do we need acknowledgment from foreign agencies/government to honor people of our country?

    Sadly, we still have craving for respect/recognition by western world. Indian film industry wants to get oscar & talks in English, holds award seminars with red carpet.

    Isn’t it enough of copy/paste in real life?

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