SSW Rules to Better

A few days back I got an e-mail from SSW (Sydney based .NET and SQL Consultants), enquiring if I’d be interested in reviewing their Code Auditor product, which is a Regular Expressions based software tool to audit source code. It seems like an interesting product and I’m waiting to get my hands in dirt with it (i.e. test it).

While going through the SSW website I came across an interesting series of articles titled SSW Rules to Better …, which lists a series of “how to” and “best guidelines” on a number of IT-related aspects. A must read!

The SSW Rules to Better Interfaces article features an analogy tip (of sorts) titled “See the fly?” …

See the fly?

See the fly? An example of excellent usability! Dutch manufacturers realized that a fly painted on the porcelain of a urinal nearly always became a “target” for men using the facility. And the fly is positioned in precisely the right place for minimal spillage or splashback. Clever people those Dutch!

Who said that writing software code is like poetry?

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