Redesigning – with CSS, without tables

Redesigning – with CSS, without tables. A 62% file size reduction anticipated! “If multiplied out by my measly 1 million page views estimate, that 25 KB savings comes to about 23.8 GB in bandwidth savings per day, or 8.5 terabytes per year.” Go for it MS!

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Signal-to-Noise #6

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Signal-to-Noise #2

The Republic Day (Mon, 26th Jan) is near while the odd rains in and around New Delhi will hopefully not confine people indoors?during this long weekend. To me, the most amazing sight in the city this time of the year is the evening view of the Rashtrapati Bhavan (Presidents House) [continue reading...]

Tabbing in a TextArea/TextBox

Tabbing in a TextArea or a TextBox?has been a distant feature to think of up until now, as Justin Lovell?shares a?simple?JavaScript (IE 5+ only) which makes it possible to insert a tab via the keyboard into a?TextArea or a TextBox. Here’s the article and code …

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Modal WebForms

Brendan Tompkins?shares his approach (called Sticky Draggable Divs or SDDs) on creating Modal WebForms in ASP.NET. Although I personally don’t like the idea of?using excessive JavaScript and DHTML in?project?implementations except for some basic validation routines, but Brendan’s concept reminded me of another neat idea, a client-side database modeler [continue reading...]