Lucene is now SearchBlackBox

I was looking at Lucene .NET for a full-text search engine implementation?but I was surprised to find out that the Lucene.NET application library is not open source anymore. It has been relaunched as a commercial product called SearchBlackBox. Lucene .NET is the core search technology behind the popular Lookout [continue reading...]

Signal-to-Noise #9

  • dotText pre-0.96 – Two new features (among others), Search and ScheduledEvents,?in dotText (pre-0.96) that I’ll be?going through?for sure to learn more on the implementation and design. From Scott’s blog: “ScheduledEvents is a?simple API for scheduling a recurring event (or once a day event). Examples would be clearing the
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Signal-to-Noise #7

  • A new version (4.1.3) of Inno Setup (an application installer & setup creation tool that I use quite frequently) has been released with an all-new Explorer-like folder browser.
  • With Visual Studio Whidbey, Microsoft will deliver a set of tools (code-named “Whitehorse”) that enable architects and developers to easily design
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Signal-to-Noise #6

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